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Travel safely

Relevant information regarding Covid-19 and travel regulations

Marival Emotions is reopened in June 1, 2020, and since then, all the equipment and personnel follow the instructions and protocols fully, to offer you a comfortable and safe stay.

In preparation for reopening and knowing the current travel landscape, we have increased the usual standards of cleanliness, safety, and hygiene; we have antibacterial gel dispensers available in multiple areas of the hotel, room cleaning is done with ozone-generating machines, we check employees before entering the facilities, among many others measures.

We also have a doctor on call 24 hours a day, if necessary.

Travel regulations

To enter the country, we recommend that you review the communications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate or embassy of Mexico in your country, for additional information. Until now, Mexico has not imposed major restrictions on entry into its territory, except for those determined by the Migration Law and its Regulations, but we recommend that you check constantly for modifications and updates.

Also remember to check the restrictions of your airport, airline, and transit cities, if necessary.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States maintains an updated list of the Covid-19 situation in different countries, where you can check the status of your country of origin and the status of the country of destination.

As a general recommendation, do not forget to carry your proof of vaccination or a medical certificate otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read all the frequently asked questions here.


What do I do if I need to cancel my reservation?

You can contact us at 800 326 6600 from Mexico and 1 877 222 0302 from the US and Canada, to let us know of changes or cancellations to your reservation. Please note that these may incur additional charges.


Can I change my reservation?

Any change is subject to the availability of rooms and services and may be subject to additional fees.


Do they have room service?

Room service has an extra charge.


What prevention measures should I follow to make my trip safe?

It is very important to abide by the prevention measures established by the WHO, by the Federal Government, and by state and local authorities.


Will all consumption centers be open?

All consumption centers are open from June 1, 2020, and follow quality standards to the letter, for your satisfaction and safety.


Is the buffet service open?

Yes, following all health measures and the highest quality standards that are always handled.


Are there hospitals near the hotel?

Yes, the nearest hospital is 1.4 km away from the hotel.

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