10 Ways to Fight Fraud

We want your vacation to be simply perfect from the moment you decide to reserve your stay with us until you open the door to your room in the Riviera Nayarit. Today, there is a concerning trend on the Internet in which people on the Internet are posing as Marival Emotions, offering fake vacation packages. We have implemented vital measures to safeguard you and your data from falling victim to these scams.

Our measures include this guide as part of our efforts to empower you with essential knowledge on identifying scams, ensuring your peace of mind from when you book until you return home.

10 Ways to Fight Fraud

1. If, when booking, you see a price that is too low or additional services, such as free flights, offered outside of our websites, travel agencies, or authorized platforms, it is a scam. To confirm that Marival Emotions endorses this service, check our official channels:

2. If the rate is available to travel any date of the year, with no restrictions, don’t trust this offer. At Marival, we control our rates and their date availability, changing them seasonally.

3. If the salesperson doesn’t allow you to hang up and have time to review your options, it’s most likely a scam.

4. Marival Emotions’ Agents will never contact you via WhatsApp or text message. They will always call through our official toll-free numbers or emails to book your stay.

5. If the agent or agency sends you a copy of their identifications, confirmation forms or accommodation contracts trying to imitate our documents, it’s probably a scam. An authorized and well-established agency will send you confirmation directly from Marival Emotions.

6. Before making any payment, request the confirmation number and the methods to verify payment directly with our agents. Other way to verify the identity of the person offering you the package is to request proof of registration in the National Tourism Registry, where all tourism service providers in Mexico must register.

You can confirm if it is an authorized agency by calling our direct numbers:

  • Toll-free number MEX 01 800 326 6600
  • Toll-free US & CAN 1 888 270 4984

7. Always ask for a copy of your reservation details: Reservation number

  • Hotel name
  • Hotel address
  • Room category
  • Receipt that covers the payment made
  • And how you can contact Marival Emotions directly

8.Don’t fill out forms on social media. This data can be used by scammers for fraud or to contact you pretending to be from Marival Emotions.

9. Make your resort reservations on secure networks only, never on open networks or in public spaces like cafés, restaurants, airports, etc.

10. Another of the best ways to fight fraud is to install plug-ins on your browser for safe web browsing: Adware, Malware Bytes, etc.

Keep these tips in mind when booking any services that seem suspicious. If you have any uncertainties about our contact numbers or websites, refer to those provided in point 5 to contact us.

Dear partners, guests, and clients, please be aware that MARIVAL RESORTS and its affiliated companies have no commercial, contractual, or any relationship with the brand, agency, or website called FLY STAYS. Likewise, MARIVAL RESORTS has not granted licenses or rights to the use of its brands and logos to FLY STAYS or its related brands. Please ignore any information sent to you through FLY STAYS as a means of sale or contact from MARIVAL RESORTS.

We remind you of our official websites and telephone numbers: Toll-free USA and CAN 1 888 270 4984